Grand Hotel Hof, Bad Ragaz

Grand Hotel Hof, Bad Ragaz


2007 – 2009

Building cost

CHF 40m

An old lady. Due to several previous interventions to the building, the existing central building could no longer fulfill current requirements, not only in building static, but also structurally and technically. The client decided therefore to demolish and rebuild the central building- the core of the refurbishment of the «old lady» Hotel Hof. An architectural and technical challenge, the new central edifice should at the same time demonstrate an autonomous character however respecting the appearance of the hotel ensemble next to the historically preserved Palace. In other words, create an assertive, charismatic volume, which in charm and image should represent the traditional appearance of the Grand Hotel Hof and harmoniously complement the row of buildings.

Collaboration with Carbone GmbH, Wolfhalden, Interior design

Grand Hotel Hof, Bad RagazGrand Hotel Hof, Bad RagazGrand Hotel Hof, Bad Ragaz