Liechtenstein State Bank, Balzers

LLB Balzers


Competition, 2nd place



„close to the folks“ – A commitment to engage in local conditions and to serve busy customers on the move and to combine the new with the known.

In the case of the branch bank in Balzers, the progressively digitalized finance sector needed to encourage rural customers to a civic environment. This is the mix of needs forming the basis of the design. Tradition and the modern age are connected with a filigree porch and guide the client to the selected section. The drive-in automatic cash dispenser is foreseen for customers in a hurry with new and modern devices which are always available. Inside the bank, a comfortable area is created where the advice seeking client will feel at home. The LLB shall be a bank where not only money feels secure but also the customer.

LLB Balzers