Mountain restaurant Scharmoin, Lenzerheide

Bergrestaurant Scharmoin, Lenzerheide


2009 – 2013

Building cost

CHF 7m

With its proportions, roof form and materials, the main building is a contemporary reinterpretation of a traditional mountain hut. The exterior promises arriving guests what they expect from a ski restaurant : cosiness, warmth, protection from the elements. Thanks to the large windows, the hut also offers panoramic views of the valley. The adjacent secondary volumes should be considered as part of the landscape. With natural stone façades, it reminds of alpine retaining walls, from a bird’s eye view they blend in with the topography.


Bergrestaurant Scharmoin, Lenzerheide

Bergrestaurant Scharmoin, LenzerheideBergrestaurant Scharmoin, Lenzerheide