Renovation Apartment Building Tittwiesenstrasse, Chur


Sanierung Tittwiesenstrasse Chur


Direct commission


2016 – 2018



Transformation. The original building is from the 1980’s, clearly visible in the structure, colors and forms. It has been expanded by an additional wing and an attic level with a total of 7 apartments, the building envelope with balconies and on the interior the existing 19 apartments renovated. The contours are new, however the color palette relates intentionally back to the 1980’s.

before                                                              after

Tittwiesenstrasse 38, Chur - vorherSanierung Tittwiesenstrasse Chur

Sanierung Tittwiesenstrasse ChurSanierung Tittwiesenstrasse Chur Wohnen

Sanierung Tittwiesenstrasse Chur Wohnen_Kochen_EssenSanierung Tittwiesenstrasse Chur

Sanierung Tittwiesenstrasse Chur Balkon