Rhein bridge, Vaduz

Rheinbrücke Vaduz


Competition, 2nd place



A bridge with added value. Slightly tilted against the current, the structure relates with its central bend not only the connection of both sides of the Rhein, but also the center of the river, the border of two countries. The flow of water and the flow of energy determine the design of an albatros. Nothing too much and nothing too little. The middle torso forms the accentuated focal point of the sailor and stands as a counterpoint to its delicate wings. The attire of an albatros is of steel, wings and torso fuse together and form an artistic entity. A delicate balustrade with round steel accompanies the pedestrians from the Rheindamm to the wing, focuses their attention in the middle oft he river slightly toward the south and leaves them gently on the other side oft he water on solid ground.

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Rheinbrücke VaduzRheinbrücke Vaduz