Singe Family House Löwengasse, Malans

Haus Löwengasse, Malans


2005 – 2007

Building cost

CHF 1m.

Organtransplant. The single family house Löwengasse is a pilot project for the community of Malans (GR), which has been struggling with migration from the village center towards peripheral areas for some time. Old barns in the center of town dilapidate, new single family houses appear on the periphery. The project demonstrates that despite very difficult planning regulations with concessions to the municipality and building stakeholders, an appropriate solution can be found.

Similar to diverse works of art by local artists, the project is nestled between existing structures in the village center of Malans. Wrapped in a colorful coat of copper, it differentiates itself from the surroundings only after a second glance.

Haus Löwengasse, MalansHaus Löwengasse, Malans

Haus Löwengasse, MalansHaus Löwengasse, Malans